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Stakinator is just getting started as a Cardano Staking Pool but is being designed to be much more. We have over 20 years of software development, server management, and other IT experience behind us. Our goals are to not only provide decentralization for the Cardano Network but to also build tools that will compliment Cardano. The first such tool is a Node Uptime Monitor and Notification Application. More details on that as we get closer to an alpha launch.

We’re dedicated to keeping this staking pool going and intend to add to our pledge often. It’s low now because we didn’t get into ADA at the beginning so we didn’t have the luxury of stockpiling millions of ADA to drop into our staking pool. As our pool grows in stake and we start minting blocks, we’ll be using the fees to up our pledge. Our margin is set to 0% because we’re hoping to attract some people that want to support us but not actually cost them anything to do so. The cost of running the pool is not a burden on the team so we can keep the servers alive indefinitely, even with a 0% margin.

One of our other plans is to start giving back to our Stakers every time we find a block. We want to do giveaways and other fun things once we can figure out a good way to do it without getting gamed. Our intent is to not just run a staking pool but to build a community as well.

Our Hardware
New York Datacenter – 24×7 Monitoring with lots of really loud alarms

    • 4 CPU / 8 GB RAM
    • 4 CPU / 8 GB RAM

We’re more than a Cardano Staking Pool!

Stakinator Projects

Cardano Node Monitor

We’re working on a system to ping nodes and alert the owner if the node is down. Owners of nodes will have to register for this but we expect it to be useful for other Stake Pool Operators

Community Rewards System

We want to give back to our supporters by doing periodic giveaways. We especially want to thank those who have delegated to our pool to help it grow and will be doing giveaways for them as well

Cardano Blockchain Watcher

We’re working on a system to watch blocks/addresses/balances/etc. We plan to implement some options for getting alerts based on activity on the blockchain. Email, SMS, Slack, Discord, Telegram, etc.


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